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Building Trust Through Data

Data-driven marketing can repair the customer relationship Original story via Visual Matters Do your customers view your company as one that cares about them? Truth be told, there’s a real chance they don’t. Survey results show that a majority of consumers believe companies are strictly seeking a profit above anything else and don’t have their   Continue Reading

How Data Has Reinvented the Webinar

Is it time to dust off the webinar? Original story via Australian Anthill The way marketers use data is helping to reinvent current marketing techniques and resurrect ones that might have fallen by the wayside. The webinar could be the latest to rise from the ashes thanks to data-driven marketing approaches. Predominantly used in B2B   Continue Reading

Data-Driven Marketing Pumps New Life into Targeted Campaigns

Advertisers Getting Into Data Specifics Original story via AdvertisingAge As data-driven marketing continues to evolve, it makes sense that advertisers would look for a variety of data based on their target audience. Advertisers today are getting specific. For example, in 2016, retail brands were interested in consumer profiles, while automotive and finance advertisers, among others,   Continue Reading

Marketers Eye New Source of Consumer Data, the Challenges of Data-Driven Tactic Adoption and the Use of Psychographics

Amazon willing to share Alexa data with some marketers Original story via AdvertisingAge People are spending more time talking to their homes these days. Well, more specifically they’re talking to their home IoT (Internet of Things) devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. In fact, it’s estimated that by the end of 2017,   Continue Reading

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