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Go Deeper with Data Marketing

  The new data marketing: scratching the surface just won’t cut it Original story via SitePoint   At this point, data-driven marketing is what sets apart the haves from the have nots. But as the practice becomes more sophisticated, so too must the marketers who are in the trenches with the numbers and analyses. Companies   Continue Reading

Building a Better Data-Driven Marketing Model

  Data-driven approach must be the norm, not the exception Original story via Forbes Marketing in a holistic sense is constantly changing. Of course, new strategies and fads come and go, but there are certain approaches that become foundational imperatives in the industry. Data-driven marketing is the latest to join the club, and it’s perhaps   Continue Reading

Data-Driven Marketing Pumps New Life into Targeted Campaigns

Advertisers Getting Into Data Specifics Original story via AdvertisingAge As data-driven marketing continues to evolve, it makes sense that advertisers would look for a variety of data based on their target audience. Advertisers today are getting specific. For example, in 2016, retail brands were interested in consumer profiles, while automotive and finance advertisers, among others,   Continue Reading

Stats, Strategies and Sidestepping Setbacks

The Numbers Are In: Marketers Feeling Left Out Original story via CMO.com Who doesn’t like a good statistical rundown? The headline of this piece might be taking some hyperbolic liberties (we’re not sure these statistics are in fact mind blowing), but the findings with regard to data-driven marketing and its impact on the industry are   Continue Reading

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