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Avengers: Age of Ultron

Everyone Likes Dinosaurs, Chris Pratt

  By now, anyone who even sort of follows the movie industry or has a social-media account saw the news about Jurassic World going from country to country, collecting large bags with dollar signs on them. When whoever finalizes weekend earnings did their thing, Billy and the Cloneasaurus IV set the three most important records:   Continue Reading

Make Good Choices, America

  Back in February, those of us here at Misix Movie Quality Index headquarters felt a little jilted by you, the moviegoing public. Fifty Shades of Grey, despite being really bad (37.67 index value), had just debuted with more than $81 million and added another $23 million the following weekend while remaining at No. 1.   Continue Reading

Mad About Max

  Due to work responsibilities — in other words, the things we do that we actually get paid for — we almost didn’t have a Movie Quality Index post this week. But we decided to put together something a little shorter than usual to make this prediction official: Mad Max: Fury Road will be the   Continue Reading

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