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Tapping into Data Goldmines

July 27, 2017



Using data goldmines to enhance your customer’s experience

Original Story via MarketingTech

Has your company dived into the data mining industry? If not, you could be losing out on opportunities to enhance many aspects of your business. Data mining can accomplish a lot, but when the information collected is applied to your customers’ experience, your business will have measurable growth. One key element of the customer experience is authenticity. Many consumers look for it in the brands they’re more loyal to. Through data mining and integration, you can learn and measure the authenticity of your brand in your customers’ eyes, which can be crucial to growth.


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How to use SEO data in your social media strategy

Original Story via Marketing Land

If SEO data analysis is not included in your company’s social media marketing strategy, you could find yourself missing the mark. SEO data goes hand-in-hand with social media marketing, specifically through the use of keywords. SEO data provides your company with information about your target audience and what they are searching for. It can also include information about trends, predictions and competitor insights. Realistically SEO data should guide the direction of your social media market strategy. The data gives you the actionable information that can help you more precisely target specific customer demographics. It’s all part of a solid foundation of data-driven marketing, and marketers must continue to hone their skills throughout the entire spectrum of the marriage between data analysis and traditional marketing. Choosing to use only a few pieces of the puzzle will keep you from seeing the complete work of art.


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Data Visualization of the Week

What time were you born? Believe it or not, there are certain times over the course of a 24-hour day that show higher birth rates than others. Of course there are scheduled C-sections, which are generally happening in the earlier parts of the morning, but this visualization shows a clear ebb-and-flow cycle of when most babies are brought into the world. Scheduled births help 8 a.m. be the top hour that babies are born, but you see another spike around noon and then a pretty consistent run up to 7 p.m. That’s when things slow down a bit. It’s an interesting study that looks at not only time of day, but the actual days of the week and months as well.