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April 5, 2016

Data updated through all games played on: 4/04/16.


The Win Prob. percentage represents the simulated probability that the team will win the matchup, while the Cover Prob. percentage represents the simulated probability that the team will cover the user-provided spread. These figures are based on 50,000 simulations. The results bar illustrates the Win Probabilities for each team and displays the average point differential for the projected winning team.

  • The radar chart is a visual representation of how the matchup is predicted to play out, on average, and does not illustrate the actual values used in the simulations.
  • The axis for TO% is inverted since fewer turnovers are preferable.
  • The location variables and spread inputs are linked so that when one is changed the other will update itself accordingly.
  • Each time one of the inputs is changed, 50,000 new simulations are run. As a result, the numbers may change slightly but the difference should not be statistically significant.

This simulator is intended for entertainment purposes only. If you’re curious about the stats behind the model, you should check out how our rankings are calculated.

  • BBall Data

    Hello. I am loving this simulator. Does this update at a certain time everyday?

    • andymartinelli2

      Howdy. Thanks for checking it out. We update the data on a daily basis.

  • Dirk Beverage

    Hi. I recently used this simulator to complete my march madness bracket upon which I wagered my entire life’s savings. Do you guarantee victory through the use of your simulator? In the event that I lose, will you compensate me for my losses?