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A Better Email, Marketing Blunders and Targeting the Young Influencers

December 2, 2016


Are You Making These Critical Email Marketing Mistakes?

Original story via Zapier

How many marketing emails did you receive ahead of Black Friday or Cyber Monday? Somewhere close to a billion, right? Make no mistake. Despite many people banging the drum for email being dead, it’s still a vital part of most companies’ marketing strategy. However, from emails being too long to bad subject lines to not truly connecting with the customer, there are a number of ways an email campaign can go wrong. This piece goes fairly deep in trouble spots to look out for when crafting a meaningful and engaging email, and gives insight into how to get this channel back on the right track.

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Marketing Success Balances Strategy, Creativity and Good Old Fashioned Hard Work

Original story via Kissmetrics Blog

The end of the year is always list season. Here’s another interesting rundown of “bonehead” mistakes any marketer must avoid in their overall approach. The general idea is that strong marketing doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. It’s more about rolling up the sleeves and getting your hands dirty, as well as not being afraid to try something new or venture into uncharted waters. With as many ways as we can interact with our customers these days, it would be foolish to not take advantage of every opportunity that’s presented.

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The Right Way to Target Millennial Consumers

Original story via Dealerscope

As tiresome as it is to continue to read and hear the word Millennial, the fact of the matter is that this generation increasingly represents more and more buying power every year. We’re talking north of $200 billion annually. That’s a lot of cash, and it’s never been more critical than it is today to connect with a subset of the population that’s 75 million people strong. But how do you do that? How do you reach a finicky bunch that carries great influence over the perception of brands and companies? It starts with data. Understand and meet their needs and you’re likely to experience a boost in customer loyalty.

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Data Visualization of the Week

You’ve heard the idea that no two snowflakes are exactly alike. Whether that’s true or not depends on your definition of alike, but snowflakes can be grouped into a number of very distinctive categories. This visualization gives you a look at the eight general categories of snowflake shapes and the 39 intermediate categories they filter into. Brush up on this chart and you’ll be the most interesting person at your holiday party this year.