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Attack Mode, 2017 Trends and the Rise of Mobile Advertising

December 15, 2016

20161216_1Is it Time for Your Marketing to Go on the Attack?

Original story via the American Marketing Association

Some companies are hesitant to directly attack their rivals in their advertising, but with the right timing and message, it can create a major boost. There have been many attack ads over the years that are still talked about. Perhaps the most famous is Apple taking on the establishment in the classic 1984 Super Bowl ad. Attacking the competition can have a great effect, or it can fall flat – or worse, backfire. There’s a time and a place to go on the offensive, and this piece from the American Marketing Association does a great job in presenting things you should think about before choosing this path. From the aforementioned timing to staying true to your brand’s identity to specific targeting tactics, there are a lot of factors in play that all must be carefully planned. It’s a risk-reward thing. Pull it off and your company stands to gain the competitive advantage and put your rivals on their heels.

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Here Come the Marketing Trends: What to Watch for in 2017

Original story via Forbes

A new year is a couple of weeks away, which means you’ve probably already started thinking about your strategy for 2017. As we’ve talked about in this space before, data-driven marketing is becoming much more of a player in companies’ approaches, and that trend is likely to continue in the coming year. In fact, No. 3 on the list recommends you “Lean on the new marketing lieutenants: marketing technologists and data scientists.” Technology has given marketers a new door to open, and those not ready to see what’s on the other side are already being passed up. Some trends burn out quickly. Data-driven marketing is not one of them.

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Mobile Advertising Picking Up Steam

Original story via Biz Report

Many companies are creating ads specifically for mobile devices. Based on data signifying a heavy shift to mobile browsing, that makes a great deal of sense. Social media giant Facebook said 78% of its 2015 revenue came from mobile ads. That’s a whole lot of money. More and more of the marketing budget is being spent on mobile advertising, but just because you throw a bunch of cash at something doesn’t mean it will be successful. It’s important for marketers to understand the user experience on mobile and tailor their messages – and CTAs – appropriately. We’re only just scratching the surface when it comes to mobile marketing. Expect this channel to be where most of the budget is devoted very soon.

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Data Visualization of the Week

Technology is a wonderful thing. It makes our lives easier, helps us connect with the world around us in different ways and keeps us more informed than ever before. But at what expense? Think you’re addicted to your phone? You probably are, and you’re not alone. There are a number of “tech and internet-induced mental disorders” this author has observed. Though not exactly an official list by a medical professional, this rundown is kind of horrifying simply because many of them are quite relatable. Maybe it’s time to spend a week in a remote cabin.