Meet Our Team — and Yours

It says “Misix” on our business cards, but we’re an extension of your capabilities. Get to know the names, faces and personalities who get results.

39% of human resources managers think employees get the most done on Tuesdays, while 24 percent believe productivity peaks on Mondays. 3139

Val Alitovska Val Alitovska
Scott Allen Scott Allen
Keith Anderson Keith Anderson
Isabelle Broad Isabelle Broad
Jonathan Daun Jonathan Daun
Connie Du Connie Du
Christine Dubie Christine Dubie
Heather Dubinskas Heather Dubinskas
Dan Martens Dan Martens
Vanessa Mason Vanessa Mason
Kody Mjelde Kody Mjelde
Veronica Montoto Riemer Veronica Montoto Riemer
Bryant Nankee Bryant Nankee
Nicole Odekirk Nicole Odekirk
Mandy Perez Mandy Perez
Jason Randall Jason Randall
Taylor Warden Taylor Warden
Chris Youmans Chris Youmans

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We Are Who We Work With

We get the job done because we know our clients and they know us. We’re not a detached third party. We’re a trusted advisor. A resource. A partner.

Insurance Auto Auctions

Since 2006

Insurance Appraisal Network

Since 2011

College of American Pathologists

Since 2006

We work as an extension of your business, developing long-term relationships that foster trust, fresh ideas and profitable solutions.

Teams and Services

Here’s How We Line Up

Some of our team members are right brains. Others are left brains. But all of them are forward thinkers.

Leadership Team

Dan Martens
President and CEO

Keith Anderson
Director of Operations

Heather Dubinskas
Creative Director

Chris Youmans
Director of Human Resources


Christine Dubie
Lead Project Manager

Nicole Odekirk
Project Coordinator


Scott Allen
Art Director

Veronica Montoto Riemer
Graphic Designer


Jason Randall
Senior Copywriter

Connie Du

Client Liaison

Mandy Perez
Account Director

Val Alitovska
Account Manager

Bryant Nankee
Account Executive

Vanessa Mason
Marketing Specialist / CRM Administrator

Isabelle Broad
Project Services Representative


Jonathan Daun
Insight Manager

Taylor Warden
Senior Insight Consultant

Kody Mjelde
Insight Consultant


It’s time to put our team to work for you.