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Marketing Automation a Must for Data-Driven Marketers

August 24, 2017



Many Marketers Remain Slow to Adopt Marketing Automation

Original story via Forbes

Largely believed to be one of the foundations of data-driven marketing, marketing automation is designed to help companies be more efficient and more exact through all of their channels and ultimately drive more conversions. And while that sounds great, only 53 percent of companies surveyed had adopted marketing automation software and platforms. What’s more, these companies aren’t getting the most out of their automation technologies. Of the 15 most common features of marketing automation, less than a third of companies are using the majority of them. That means there’s not as much A/B testing going on as you might think. APIs aren’t being used and progressive profiling isn’t being performed. One of the challenges to full adoption, respondents said, comes down to proving ROI. It’s an obstacle they need to figure out how to overcome sooner rather than later.


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How Can Marketers Ensure They Get the Credit They Deserve?

Original story via Marketing Profs

As data-driven marketing strategies continue to evolve, so too have the ways in which marketers and their techniques are measured. Data-driven marketing makes linking marketing performance to company revenue much more accessible. The most critical part, however, when it comes to proper attribution, is making sure you’re measuring the right things and communicating both successes and duds effectively. Increasing the marketing department’s accountability can actually result in greater continuity among every internal department, especially the sometimes shaky relationship between marketing and sales. Make it work, and you have a unified front ready to seize new opportunities together.


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Data Visualization of the Week

How are things going in your state? Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: which face emoji would you use to describe the state of your state? This visualization attempts to describe various statistical metrics through a modified version of Chernoff faces. From the percentage of adults who say they get enough sleep to the percentage living in poverty and more, the facial features in these emojis tell the tale in an interesting way.


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