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The Best Movies You’ve Never Heard Of.

Like the last few stubborn leaves, the remainders from the first cycle of Oscar contenders have been killed off by December’s arrival, which dragged the Movie Quality Index to its lowest point in nine weeks. Gravity (90.78 index value) 12 Years a Slave (91.53) and Dallas Buyers Club (84.59) all disappeared from this past weekend’s   Continue Reading

Hammers Make Hollywood Money.

    Franchises are great. That’s why every movie studio wants one. Sometimes, it doesn’t work, like with The Golden Compass. Because very few children want to see a polar bear, even a mean one, get half his face punched off. Then there are the ones that work—James Bond, Star Wars, Harry Potter. Think of   Continue Reading

A Little Levity Goes a Long Way.

    This time of year makes you proud to be a movie lover. Just about every weekend, a film debuts that reinvigorates the art of storytelling, patiently develops characters and offers visuals grandiose enough to dazzle the senses while retaining the nuance that stirs one’s soul in a way words cannot. Then, just when   Continue Reading

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