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The Secret to a Profitable Movie.

    To even have a shot at landing among the biggest moneymakers of all time, a movie needs to be based on one of the following things: A comic book. Young-adult literature. Family-friendly material, often animated. Star Wars. James Cameron. All of these categories share something in common: They are eminently franchise-able, and studios   Continue Reading

Yet Another Award for the Movie Industry.

  At this time of year, there’s a point at which winter becomes truly awful. We’re not even talking about the snow and nostril freezing and windshield-frost bashing that occurs in those states fortunate enough to catch the full brunt of the cold-weather months. No, we’re talking about the time of year when the offerings   Continue Reading

Nothing Can Stop Frozen. Nothing.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. But during the holidays, when millions of kids across the country are set loose from schools like rampaging lemmings, the family-friendly movie rules. These last couple weeks at the box office are actually a pretty remarkable example of either oversight or other stuidos’ steadfast   Continue Reading

A Big Name Can’t Save a Bad Movie.

Nostalgia, it seems, is overrated. Even relatively recent nostalgia. That’s according to this past weekend’s box office, which seemed to indicate that boredom with individuals once so ingrained in the zeitgeist is not restricted to any one demographic. The basis for this week’s sweeping generalization are three movies that debuted so underwhelmingly that the media   Continue Reading

Is This the End of Madea?

  The new Hobbit movie made a bunch of money, the audience was predominantly male, blah blah blah. OK, with that out of the way, we can address the truly important takeaway from this past weekend: America may have finally wised up to Tyler Perry’s act. While A Madea Christmas suckered in $16 million worth   Continue Reading

Hollywood Loves Leftovers Too.

  The weekend after Thanksgiving stinks for movies. It’s just awful. Based on the release schedule from the last few years, we can only assume studio executives got together and agreed to make it a vacation weekend to make up for the fact they neglect their families during actual Thanksgiving. This past weekend, the only   Continue Reading

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