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Hollywood Lies. Who Knew?

    Generally speaking, everyone in the movie business is a liar. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has seen Entourage. But if you need more proof, just wait for a movie to underperform at the box office, and sit back as the excuses role in like a fourth-grader who forgot their   Continue Reading

Comic-Based Movies Just May be Unstoppable.

    Post-awards season is a tough time for movies. It starts with Dump-uary, when doomed projects die a very public death and horrible but romantic films try to salvage something from Valentine’s Day. Examples you most certainly will struggle to remember as we move backward through recent years include: 2014 — RoboCop, Pompeii, Endless   Continue Reading

Why do Other Movies Even Compete with Frozen?

    There are two significant periods in which movie quality needs some propping up: post-blockbuster and post-awards. These are the spots on the calendar — in the fall and late winter, respectively — that predominantly serve as a dumping ground for certain projects, including: Action movies that fail to reach blockbuster-caliber (3 Days to   Continue Reading

The Many Faces of Liam Neeson.

    Well, it wasn’t going to last forever. The Lego Movie could prop up the Movie Quality Index for only so long before people moved on to the usual dreck that comes down the pike in February/March. So the revenue-weighted MQI is back into below-average territory after three wonderful weeks of audiences not blowing   Continue Reading

Smart People Like the Lego Movie.

    If you saw a movie any of the past three weekends, congratulations. You’re among the smartest moviegoers of the last 33 months. We know this because of the numbers. Allow us to explain. The Movie Quality Index got its humble beginnings in late May 2011, when Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides   Continue Reading

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