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How to Spot a Bad Movie: The Basics.

    We can all breathe easy. Michael Bay’s reign of terror is over — at least until Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles debuts in a couple weeks. Granted, he isn’t the director of the next napalming of beloved childhood experiences. But his producing credit lends credence to the notion that “From Michael Bay” is at   Continue Reading

Summer is Coming…

    Summer 2014 officially began Saturday, so with a whole three days behind us, we’d like to go ahead and start complaining about how awful it’s going to be — from a cinematic perspective, of course. It might be super great from an outdoorsy point of view. But we deal in movies here. In   Continue Reading

What Happened to Adam Sandler?

  Another weekend, another comic-book movie destroys at the box office. But we won’t bore you with a nerdtastic breakdown of X-Men: Days of Future Past (83.67 index value) and how it hits the reset button on the entire franchise, a la Star Trek (circa 2009). No, our purpose this week is more Shakespearean in   Continue Reading

The Key to Monster-Movie Success.

    Godzilla’s first-place finish in this past weekend’s box office got us wondering: How do you make a successful monster/creature/alien/supersized bug movie? After examining Box Office Mojo’s list of the biggest earners in the genre, thinking back to the films we’ve seen in the past and conducting exhaustive YouTube research, we at the Misix   Continue Reading

A Rough Month at the Movies.

  You may not realize it, but right now is a truly awful time to be a moviegoer. It’s easy to think otherwise, what with all the flashy marketing campaigns for blockbusters featuring comic-book characters, radioactive lizards and Cameron Diaz. But for the past four weekends, the collective quality score of the box office top   Continue Reading

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