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Ben Affleck + R-Ratings = Good Things.

  The nation’s babysitters made some serious scratch this weekend, as it turned out to be a very grown-up-centric couple of days at the movies. With Gone Girl ($38 million), Annabelle ($37.2 million) and The Equalizer ($19 million), the box office top 10 had its first trio of R-rated leaders in more than a year.   Continue Reading

Pitt. Damen. Hanks. Pratt?

  In their annual act of cruelty, movie studios have begun in earnest their autumnal campaign to bring us films that wouldn’t be entirely out of place on Lifetime. This past weekend was a particularly excellent example with the continuously and criminally underutilized Idris Elba slumming it in No Good Deed, and Morgan Freeman and   Continue Reading

Calm Before the Storm?

    From an earnings perspective, it’s been a horrendous summer for movie studios. So it’s only fitting that on the season’s final weekend, the movies themselves were equally horrendous. Only three movies from this past weekend’s box office top 10 sport quality scores higher than 50.00: Guardians of the Galaxy (84.67), If I Stay   Continue Reading

Let the Bay-Bashing Commence!

    Here at the Misix Movie Quality Index, we’ve been known to go negative on occasion. The most recent recipient of our ire was Cameron Diaz, and other favorite targets include Adam Sandler and Tyler Perry. As regular readers of the blog know, this does not happen indiscriminately. It is based, as many good   Continue Reading

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