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Exodus’ Recipe for Disaster

  Nobody at the Misix Movie Quality Index headquarters has ever made a feature motion picture. The closest any of us get to big-time Hollywood hotshottery is when we rent a movie that went straight to DVD (in the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer, “That makes me the premiere”). But this past weekend’s box-office leader,   Continue Reading

Critics Can Be Dumb, To

  Dumb and Dumber To and its 44.67 index value won the box office this past weekend, pulling in more than $38 million and finishing in front of eight movies with quality ratings higher than 70. Usually, this is the point at which we start railing on the questionable choices audiences make and how Hollywood   Continue Reading

Stellar Weekend at the Box Office

America: We like our chicken fried, our beer cold, and our science-fiction heroes big and inflatable. That’s the lesson we can take away from this past weekend’s results, which featured two sci-fi movies going head-to-head and sharing a lot in common: Excellent quality rating. Monstrously bloated marketing campaign. Even more monstrously bloated budget. In the   Continue Reading

Halloween Scares Away Box Office Revenue

  Halloween weekend is white-flag territory for movie studio. Essentially, they throw up their hands in resignation, knowing that people more readily embrace the most consequence-less holiday of the year (barely edging out St. Patrick’s Day) than a night at the cinema. This All Hallows Eve was especially brutal, however, as it fell on a   Continue Reading

Two Out of Three Isn’t Bad

      Moviegoers had a trio of new selections to choose from this past weekend, two of which were worth forking over a 10-spot: top-earning war drama Fury (76.00 index value) and family-friendly third-place finisher The Book of Life (74.33). But it would be very unlike us to focus on the good parts of   Continue Reading

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