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Vince Vaughn, Movie Crasher

    This has been the year of the exposed movie star. Not literally. Well, maybe literally, but we’re not among the $156.4 million worth of pitiful/easily duped/spineless boyfriends/hate-watching people who have seen a certain literary adaptation, so we can’t really speak to that. We’ll stick to the figurative sense, as several big names have   Continue Reading

Post-Awards Bump: The Not-So-Big O

      “It’s an honor just to be nominated.” We’re not sure that line has been used in anything other than a self-referential way during the last decade, as in: “I know everyone says, ‘It’s an honor just to be nominated.’” Whether it clichéd itself right out of normal use or everyone decided to   Continue Reading

Wachowskis Descending

    The movie business offers a lot of lessons you can apply to your day-to-day life if you pay attention. Throwing money at a problem doesn’t necessarily make it go away. You can’t go wrong by backing talented, hard-working people. And, most importantly, don’t make major financial decisions shortly after waking up from cryostasis   Continue Reading

Sort-of-Timely Box-Office Revelations

    We were delayed a couple days this week because of behind-the-scenes work stuff you don’t care about, so in honor of that, we’re adopting a “better late than never” theme for our latest post. Let’s get right to it. BLTN #1: A high-earning Best Picture nominee We’ll buck our usual approach and start   Continue Reading

American Sniper’s Good Timing

    Clearly, Warner Brothers knew it had something good on its hands with American Sniper (74.33 index value). It entered limited release the final weekend of 2014, just before the deadline for Oscar qualification. It scheduled the wide release for Jan. 16, 2015 — the same day as the nominations announcement. In the three   Continue Reading

You’re Never Too Old to Be a Hero

  Liam Neeson is our hero. Literally. He’s our hero right now. And when we say ours, we speak not only for those of us at Misix Movie Quality Index HQ, but rather for all people everywhere. Consider the pantheon of fictional do-gooders. For each one, there’s a specific emergency situation in which they should   Continue Reading

Busted Box Office

    You don’t go to the movies as much as you used to. OK, you personally might. But the general domestic consumer sure doesn’t. That’s according to the final numbers for 2014 (as delivered by our go-to data source, Box Office Mojo). Last year, we bought around 1.27 billion tickets, which sounds impressive because   Continue Reading

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