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Data-Driven Marketing Can Save the Brands

  Brand strength suffers without analytics Original story via AdWeek An unfortunate trend in marketing over the last decade or so has been for companies to reach for short-term success at the expense of deeper brand building. Here in 2017, brands are suffering. Brand building has taken a backseat, but there is a way to   Continue Reading

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Marketing Automation a Must for Data-Driven Marketers

  Many Marketers Remain Slow to Adopt Marketing Automation Original story via Forbes Largely believed to be one of the foundations of data-driven marketing, marketing automation is designed to help companies be more efficient and more exact through all of their channels and ultimately drive more conversions. And while that sounds great, only 53 percent   Continue Reading

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Tapping into Data Goldmines

  Using data goldmines to enhance your customer’s experience Original Story via MarketingTech Has your company dived into the data mining industry? If not, you could be losing out on opportunities to enhance many aspects of your business. Data mining can accomplish a lot, but when the information collected is applied to your customers’ experience,   Continue Reading

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When Data Marketing and Social Media Join Forces

  Facebook adds new features to gain advertisers’ trust Original story via ADWEEK. Has your company tapped in to the data gold mine that is social media yet? The current market is so lucrative that many social media sites are making every effort to establish a trusting relationship with marketers. Facebook recently rolled out multiple   Continue Reading

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The Data of Customer Satisfaction

  Net Promoter Score can help shape data-driven marketing strategy Original Story via Inc. High customer satisfaction is a key indicator of company growth, but many companies struggle to measure it. That’s where data gleaned from your Net Promoter Score (NPS) comes in. NPS is considered one of the best ways to discover customer satisfaction   Continue Reading

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Building Trust Through Data

Data-driven marketing can repair the customer relationship Original story via Visual Matters Do your customers view your company as one that cares about them? Truth be told, there’s a real chance they don’t. Survey results show that a majority of consumers believe companies are strictly seeking a profit above anything else and don’t have their   Continue Reading

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Go Deeper with Data Marketing

  The new data marketing: scratching the surface just won’t cut it Original story via SitePoint   At this point, data-driven marketing is what sets apart the haves from the have nots. But as the practice becomes more sophisticated, so too must the marketers who are in the trenches with the numbers and analyses. Companies   Continue Reading

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Building a Better Data-Driven Marketing Model

  Data-driven approach must be the norm, not the exception Original story via Forbes Marketing in a holistic sense is constantly changing. Of course, new strategies and fads come and go, but there are certain approaches that become foundational imperatives in the industry. Data-driven marketing is the latest to join the club, and it’s perhaps   Continue Reading

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How Data Has Reinvented the Webinar

Is it time to dust off the webinar? Original story via Australian Anthill The way marketers use data is helping to reinvent current marketing techniques and resurrect ones that might have fallen by the wayside. The webinar could be the latest to rise from the ashes thanks to data-driven marketing approaches. Predominantly used in B2B   Continue Reading

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Data-Driven Marketing Pumps New Life into Targeted Campaigns

Advertisers Getting Into Data Specifics Original story via AdvertisingAge As data-driven marketing continues to evolve, it makes sense that advertisers would look for a variety of data based on their target audience. Advertisers today are getting specific. For example, in 2016, retail brands were interested in consumer profiles, while automotive and finance advertisers, among others,   Continue Reading

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