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June 2, 2017



The new data marketing: scratching the surface just won’t cut it

Original story via SitePoint


At this point, data-driven marketing is what sets apart the haves from the have nots. But as the practice becomes more sophisticated, so too must the marketers who are in the trenches with the numbers and analyses. Companies can’t afford to rest on their laurels after putting together a data-driven marketing strategy. It’s not a one-and-done kind of thing. This article details why basic analytics don’t get the job done, and with so much at stake, it’s critical to constantly evolve and get the very most out of your data.


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Data-driven must be part of a company’s overall culture

Original story via Dataconomy


So you’ve created an agile, high-functioning data-driven marketing strategy. Things might be going well for your marketing team… for now. However, if other departments – even those you don’t think have much to do with marketing and sales – aren’t buying in, there could be roadblocks ahead. That’s because in order for true data-driven marketing to succeed, it has to be part of the overall company culture. It starts in the C-Suite and must permeate the entire organization. The doors that open thanks to data are vital to business, but it can be a challenge to convince some people that the time and effort to do it right is worth it. Hint: it is. Change the minds of the skeptics and unlock the true potential.


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Subaru’s data-driven success story

Original story via Econsultancy


Japanese automaker Subaru is hot in the streets right now thanks largely in part to the company’s data-driven marketing strategy. Subaru is turning the data it gathers into actionable tactics that are producing an increase in test drives and eventually conversions. Using a combination of data points and measurements, Subaru is able to create the single customer view, which is the Holy Grail for many industries. Potential customers feel like individuals and not just a faceless demographic. It’s something that can and has tipped the scales from potential buyer to Subaru owner to Subaru loyalist.


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Data Visualization of the Week

The season of hanging out at the pool or beach is upon us. But with fun summer activities, like taking pictures of your feet with the ocean in the distance, comes the potential for skin problems caused by the sun. This visualization gives you all the information you need – and then some – regarding UV protection, sunscreen application and everything else in between, including the identification of irregular moles. It’s important stuff, and this gives you a good primer for staying safe when catching some rays.