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Data-Driven Marketing Pumps New Life into Targeted Campaigns

April 13, 2017

20170411_1Advertisers Getting Into Data Specifics

Original story via AdvertisingAge

As data-driven marketing continues to evolve, it makes sense that advertisers would look for a variety of data based on their target audience. Advertisers today are getting specific. For example, in 2016, retail brands were interested in consumer profiles, while automotive and finance advertisers, among others, looked primarily at the brands people chose more often. This kind of specializing helps professionals in the marketing business tailor their campaigns to get the most bang for their buck. And, to be sure, there are a lot of bucks out there when it comes to the ROI.

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20170411_2Colleges Use Data to Target Students They Want

Original story via The Atlantic

Data-driven marketing isn’t something that’s only used by consumer brands, though you could argue that a university is a brand in its own right. Institutions of higher learning are turning to data to attract students they feel would be a good fit on campus. The idea is to learn from students who succeeded at the school and were reportedly satisfied with their college experience. Data analysis can help the university understand what was working and uncover the kind of person who might have a similar experience for targeting purposes. You can have two high school seniors with similar backgrounds, but one might in fact be more apt to succeeding at a particular school than another. The results could tip the scales for someone who might be undecided on where to continue their education.

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Forget the Guesswork: How Marketers Can Shore Up their ROI with Data

Original story via Business2Community

Many companies are spending a lot of marketing dollars without truly getting to know their customers, and that’s a problem. A recent study showed that 96 percent of consumers surveyed said they receive mistargeted communications from companies, which can hurt brand reputation considerably. The public is getting wise to big data and the information they share. As such, they expect brands to know them and to personalize their marketing appropriately. A major factor in this troubling trend stems from missing or error-filled data. Without the proper resources and strategies in place to conduct authentic data-driven marketing, companies are left to make guesses, and that will fall short nearly every time.

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20170411_4Data Visualization of the Week

Pretty much everyone has an air travel horror story. As our skies (and our airplanes) become more crowded, those departures and arrivals will continue to see their share of delays. This visualization gives you an hour-by-hour look at some of the country’s busiest airports and the amount of flight delays they are experiencing. It’s called the MiseryMap, and that might be the most fitting name a data visualization has ever had.

Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 4.14.12 PM