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Data-Driven Marketing Can Save the Brands

September 7, 2017



Brand strength suffers without analytics

Original story via AdWeek

An unfortunate trend in marketing over the last decade or so has been for companies to reach for short-term success at the expense of deeper brand building. Here in 2017, brands are suffering. Brand building has taken a backseat, but there is a way to reverse the effects of focusing solely on the short-term. Once again, enter data-driving marketing and analytics. As marketers get a better grasp on the effectiveness of their marketing expenditures, they’ll be able to achieve longer-lasting successes that go beyond single campaigns. As we know, strong brands drive conversions and loyalty, and that’s something every marketer can get behind.

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Personas much more than a quick whiteboard session

Original story via Forbes

A tried and true method of targeted marketing begins with building customer personas. What is a typical person who buys your product or service like? What kind of work do they do? Are they married with children? Do they own a home, a car? Many marketers use substantial research to define their personas, but far too often, these personas are created in a brainstorming session in a conference room. Simply put: not good enough. This article asks 15 Forbes Agency Council members what you need to do to build the best customer personas. Their answers are insightful and can open the door to new ways of thinking when identifying targets. Interestingly, making sure your data (there’s that word again) is updated and in good order is increasingly important.

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Data Visualization of the Week

The U.S. extracts a great deal of oil and natural gas. In fact, production of petroleum products exceeds that of any other country in the world. But where is this oil and gas coming from? This visualization lets you see where the big spots are for oil and gas around the country, and some of the most loaded areas might surprise you.


Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 12.00.15 PM