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Can Jurassic World Join the Four-Timer’s Club?

June 29, 2015



6/26/2015 - 6/28/2015

Movie TitleIndex Value
Jurassic World68.33
Inside Out93.00
Ted 255.67
San Andreas53.00
Insidious: Chapter 358.67
Mad Max: Fury Road90.67
Avengers: Age of Ultron73.00
Misix Movie Quality Index Value70.57


Jurassic World (68.33 index value) has made our job very boring. Don’t get us wrong, the couple weekends of results were fairly exciting. Biggest this, most profitable that, fastest to whatever — lots of records being smashed. This past weekend was more of the same, as it crossed the $500 million mark at the domestic box office in just 17 days — faster than any movie in history. Faster than The Avengers, which did it in 23. Faster than Avatar, which did it in 32. Faster than Paul Blart: Mall Cop, which is at 2,355 days and counting, with just $353,663,822 to go.

And it’s not just America that loves dinosaurs running amok. The whole planet is definitely on board and proved it by sending Jurassic World past $1 billion in just 13 days. That’s another record, thwarting the long-standing mark held by Furious 7, which enjoyed the top spot for 66 whole days.

In short, Jurassic World is the Mosasaur to the rest of the box office’s great white shark. It devoured it. It had it for lunch. It is currently picking the remnants out of its teeth and wondering when the next feeding is. In the process, it became the 18th movie to record at least three consecutive weekends as the top domestic earner since we started this little project more than four years ago.

The main reason that’s a big deal is because of when it happened. Of the 17 other movies on that list, only one made part of its run during the meaty part of blockbuster season: The Dark Knight Rises, which put its three weekends together between July 20 and Aug. 5 back in 2012. Summer is just a damn difficult time to dominate the box office, a fact proven once again by our next factoid.

Earlier, we said Jurassic World was the 18th movie to record at least three consecutive weekends as the top domestic earner. In the four-plus years we’ve done this, only two movies added a fourth weekend: Furious 7 in April of this year and The Hunger Games between March 23 and April 15, 2012. The window for both movies made it a little easier to knock out the quadfecta, as the spring season is widely known for its wide selection of crap in theaters. As previously stated, this is far from garbage time for the movie business, so we’re highly dubious of Jurassic World’s ability to join the four-timers club. The foundation of those doubts is two-fold:

  1. Magic Mike XXL.
  2. Terminator Genisys.

If there’s anything the current box-office champ has reinforced, it’s that people enjoy familiarity. There’s a very real financial benefit to eliciting the “Hey, I recognize that” response from moviegoers. It doesn’t always pan out — Ted 2 (55.67) being the latest evidence — but it succeeds enough where we get a lot of sequels and prequels and spin-offs like the two new combatants entering the fray this coming weekend. Speaking of which …

The weekend ahead: Jurassic World didn’t set a particularly brisk pace in the quality department, but based on early results it still looks like Magic Mike XXL and Terminator Genisys will struggle to match it. So from that perspective, your best choices for the weekend are retreads like Inside Out (93.00), Spy (81.67) and Mad Max: Fury Road (90.67).

Then there’s the financial side of things. Since debuting with more than $208 million, Jurassic World’s earnings fell around 49.0% in both of the subsequent weekends. If it does so again, that would put it in the $27 million range. Even if we’re generous and give it a nice round $30 million haul, that’s well within reach of the girls-night-out and Ahhhhhhhnold-loving audiences expected to turn out for the newbies.

However, Terminator Genisys looks stupid and is spelled stupid and stupidly scaled back for a PG-13 rating. And here in America, we like our beer cold, our cars fast and our Terminator movies super-violent and full of curse words. Based on that, we think Magic Mike XXL has the better chance of ending the defending champ’s time at the top.

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