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Building a Better Data-Driven Marketing Model

May 19, 2017



Data-driven approach must be the norm, not the exception

Original story via Forbes

Marketing in a holistic sense is constantly changing. Of course, new strategies and fads come and go, but there are certain approaches that become foundational imperatives in the industry. Data-driven marketing is the latest to join the club, and it’s perhaps the most significant development in marketing since the internet hit its stride in the 1990s. Before that, you could argue it was TV, and even earlier, the printing press. The point is, if you’re not embracing data-driven marketing, you might end up like the companies that didn’t think it was important to build a website – well behind the leaders and largely forgotten. In 2017, it’s critical to develop a data-driven marketing model. This article describes many considerations when developing your strategy, and running through the list is a great way to get started or amend your current approach if you’re not exactly getting the results you expected.

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Triangulation makes data more credible for marketers

Original story via CMSWire

There’s no question that marketers can glean an extraordinary amount of information about consumer wants and needs from the data they collect, but professionals in the industry must be cautious about the false positives that data can produce if not verified through multiple sources. You can’t just take a single piece of information and create a blanket profile of a customer or target. This article describes the necessity of triangulation. That is, use at least three datasets before making conclusions. Data is a powerful tool for the industry, but bad data can be extremely destructive. Doing your due diligence and checking your work is the best way to avoid the trouble.

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Overcoming obstacles as the industry shifts

Original story via Business2Community

Anytime you have sweeping changes in the way work is done, there will be at least a few roadblocks from an internal or cultural perspective. Change can be scary or seem unnecessary when people are first presented with it. These roadblocks are popping up in marketing departments everywhere as marketers are looking to engage the data-driven front. From balancing money to the turf wars and beyond, it can be a delicate transition if not everyone is on board. This article identifies some of the issues that seem to come up and talks about ways to overcome the obstacles and succeed going forward.

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Data Visualization of the Week

It’s good to be the best in the world, right? Well, in some cases – such as low mortality rates or throwing the javelin – that’s true. However, sometimes it’s not so great, like being the country with the most car crashes or jailed journalists. This visualization looks at most of the world’s countries and identifies what each are the best (or worst, depending on perspective) at. The U.S. leads the way in spam emails (not awesome), while Canada carries the flag for doughnuts (awesome).