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Dan Martens

New Movies, Bad Results, Good Riddance

    This is the absolute worst time of the year to write about movies. It’s like the Major League Baseball All-Star Break of the cinema world. Here’s a quick rundown of why it’s so awful: The tentpole releases everyone gets excited about (Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, etc.) are done. There is no   Continue Reading

The Data-fication of the Music Industry

Summary: With Nielsen SoundScan, the music industry can judge the popularity of artists based on irrefutable data. Like SoundScan, Shazam also offers industry insiders a data-driven approach to tracking the rise of upcoming artists. These services have dramatically affected the landscape of the Billboard 200.   Years ago, way back in the early 1990s, Billboard   Continue Reading

R.I.P., Summer Blockbuster Season

  On Friday afternoon, Aug. 7, Summer Blockbuster Season passed away peacefully due to general lethargy and creative differences. He was 126 days old. Mr. Season was born prematurely Friday, April 3, when Furious 7 debuted in theaters and surprised everyone by earning more than $143.6 million over the next three days. Despite slowly growing   Continue Reading

Following the Breadcrumbs: An Example of Decision Tree Analysis in Action

Imagine you’re the lead underwriter at a major insurance carrier. The number of policyholders filing multiple claims per year is on the rise, and you’ve been tasked with reassessing premiums to ensure they reflect the level of risk the organization is facing. Easier said than done. Identifying risk-prone policyholders after a claim is filed is   Continue Reading

Size Isn’t Everything for Ant-Man

      The top of this past weekend’s box office was as tight as we (and actual experts) expected, with Ant-Man (74.33 index value) edging Minions (59.33) by a little less than $8 million. Marvel’s latest offering wound up with an estimated $58 million to finish slightly below projections, which was just bad enough   Continue Reading

Minions and Tie-Ins

    This past weekend, two things happened at the box office that diverged wildly in the “saw that coming” department: Self/less (40.33 index value) made very little money —$5.4 million, adding to Ryan Reynolds’ tank battalion that at this point is big enough to crush Rommel. Minions (59.67) made so very much money —   Continue Reading

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