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Why Isn’t China AAA?

China—the world’s second largest economy. The past three years have shown almost unbelievable gains in the Chinese gross domestic product (GDP). As recently as Q2 2011, China’s economic output grew 9.5% year-over-year. This is slowed from 9.7% in the first quarter and down significantly from 11.9% growth in Q1 2010. The Chinese government is actually   Continue Reading

Food (Subsidies) for Thought

Last week the U.S. government reached its approximately $14 trillion debt limit, marking the last significant milestone before the August 2nd deadline to either raise the nation’s debt limit or be forced to default on its obligations.  While few investors expect the government to renege on its IOUs, there has been considerably more talk about fiscal   Continue Reading

Taking Stock of GM’s Bailout

What’s in a name? Since 1908 and for 100 years thereafter, GM had been known around the world as “General Motors,” a company that supplied much of the United States and many around the world with its brands of vehicles from Chevrolet and Buick to Vauxhall and Opel. However, in the past decade, GM’s status   Continue Reading

Bailing out P.I.G.S.

With all the talk about bailouts and debt crises in Europe, we thought it might be helpful to look at what’s going on across the pond in the highly indebted “P.I.G.S.” countries and examine how the situation might impact life in the U.S.  So let’s start with Greece (G), the first of the euro zone countries   Continue Reading

Reindeer Game Theory

That’s right, economists have a spin on Christmas too.  We can strip the joy out of anything.  Little known fact (please note that this is in no way a fact), Santa Claus was a tremendous economist and statistician.  He used what he called the “Naughty Index” to determine just how naughty a child was and   Continue Reading

Dollar Dilemma

Given that QE2 has recently been among the most significant issues facing the U.S., and, for that matter, the global economy, we felt it necessary to write one more post related to this topic (we apologize to those who are sick of hearing about it and we promise our next post will be about something   Continue Reading

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